Let Us Help You Market Your Business

A well-rounded marketing plan includes marketing through a variety of different vehicles. You want to make sure you’re reaching your ideal prospects. Seems like a lot of work, right? Not if you have ASI®. Let us handle your SEO, social media and direct-mail campaigns. All you’ll have to do is talk to all of the leads coming your way!

Local SEO

Help Shoppers Find Your Website

ASI does all of the work! We'll:

  • Use Local SEO to target customers searching online in your region
  • Provide accurate, consistent information in more than 2,000 directories
  • Help you rank higher in organic search results.

70% of internet searches are for local business services.
200% — the average ROI for businesses using paid search advertising.

Social Boost

Let Us Improve Your Status

With Social Boost, ASI will:

  • Build your company Facebook page
  • Write and publish posts tailored to your audience
  • Increase your online traffic.

62% of consumers go to Facebook to learn about a local business.
A Facebook ad study reports that 70% of participating businesses had a 3x or greater ROI, and 49% had a 5x or greater ROI.


Expand Your Social Media Strategy

With InstaBoost, ASI will:

  • Create your Instagram profile
  • Post images related to the industry and use relevant hashtags to attract interest
  • Engage with the community by liking photos and following other Instagram users to get on their radar

80% of people follow a business on Instagram
60% of users learn about products and services on Instagram.

ASI Catalogs

Put Product Ideas Into Your Customers' Hands

Top retailers use catalogs to encourage shopping and send customers to their websites.

ASI publishes a variety of catalogs full of promotional products. Each catalog has its own unique features and ALL of the catalogs are designed to increase your orders! Catalogs include Spectrum®, Idea Showcase® Spring and Fall, and The Gift Book®. Choose the catalog/catalogs you want, and we’ll imprint the covers with your company logo AND contact information!

Too busy for direct mail? We got you!

Enroll in our direct-mail program, and we’ll mail catalogs and a personalized letter to prospects on your behalf. You can provide us with the mailing list or give us the parameters for your ideal recipients and we’ll create a list for you! We’ll do the work, you’ll get the sales.